Determination of Spectacles and Fitting of Contact Lenses

Prescription of Spectacles


The optometrist determines ametropies like myopia,  hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, using objective as well as subjective measuring procedures, always recording the score of optained visual acuities. In addition, binocular vision and stereoscopic functions are assessed.


When riquired, we provide colour vision testing to assess perception deficiency for RED (protanomaly), GREEN (deuteranomaly) or rarely for BLUE-YELLOW (tritanomaly).


Fitting of Contact Lenses


The fitting of contact lenses is based on profound knowledge and longtime experience as well as measurements and recordings with state of the art equipement. Opposite to spectacles contact lenses have to comply with important physilogical requirements in addition to optical clarity and homogeneity. Thus, beside optical correction, customized match of contact lens material, geometry  and contact lens care products is of great importance.


Based on optometric data and analyses of the clients's requirements, the first contact lens is chosen in consideration of today's technical possibilities. In a dynamic process, order, delivery, instruction of contact lens manipulation and care, followed by necessary control sessions and, if necessary optimizing adaptation of one or more components, this procedure will lead to success.


Demanding situations such as irregular corneal surface of multiple genesis, contact lenses in babys or infants, several lens types and/or care systems may be evaluated in order to achieve an optimal bio compatibility of the System eye / contact lens .