Keratoconus and other corneal irregularities

Kertoconus, Keratoglobus, Pellucide Marginal Degeneration as well as corneal scars due to trauma or surgery commenly show as irregularities of the corneal surface. These corneal irregularities may disturb the optical projection in a way, that regular imiging by spectacle lenes is not sufficient to achieve a desired good vision.

Lateral view of a keratoconus; Topography of a keratoconus; Keratoplasty with sutures
Lateral view of a keratoconus; Topography of a keratoconus; Keratoplasty with sutures

In this case "rigid gaspermeable contact Lens" (RGP) are in general the first choice. The regular surface of the RGP contact lens permits to enhance the image quality. The tear film between contact lens and anterior corneal surface compensates the irregularities in a comprehensiv. A wide range of geometries and materials are available for the required individual contact lens design for an optimal care. Residual optical corrections can possibly will be added  on the front surface if necessary.


Scleral lenses as well as mini scleral lenses are larger then conventional RGP contact lenses. They are usually fit if out of corneal topographic or practical reasons an optimal equipment cannot be obtained with RGP contact lenses.


Soft contact lenses may also enable better vision than with spectacle lenses, particularely in mild cases of the irregualrity, this despite complete adaptation of the contact lens back surface to the cornea. The proximety to the surface of the tearfilm may bring a less distorted image and a wider field of view compared to correction with spectacles. Usually an individually designed soft contact lens is superior to standerdized frequent replacement lenses.


The diversity of anatomic and morphologic structures of irregular corneas require unique solutions in order to achieve an optimal longterm compatibility and comfort.


For decades we have been taking care for a large number of persons concerned. We share and discuss our experience at international symposia and conventions that we sometimes as well happen to organize, this with other renowned specialists. We take advantage of these and other opportunities such as collaboration with institutions, to widen our knowledge and perspectives regarding these topics, leading to expertise.

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